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Hong Kong Optical Lens Co., Ltd. (HKO), established in 1970 has grown to be the largest lens manufacturer in Hong Kong. With a workforce of more than 2,000 employees, HKO has expanded its distribution channels from Asia spanning from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. HKO has extended its market to the Western Hemisphere including North America, Europe and Russia.

Hong Kong Optical landed in the Philippines in the early 21st century to provide the local optical industry with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and quality products. Hong Kong Optical Lens Philippines Laboratory Inc. has the full line of ophthalmic lens processing facilities from edging and surfacing to Hard-coating and Anti-reflective (A.R.) Coating and other functional coatings such as Mirror and Blue Ray coatings.

HKOP distributes internationally acclaimed brands such as Kodak Lens, Transitions, Corning to name a few. Apollo lens (Logo) is the house brand which is being distributed in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. It boasts of a product line that is up to par with the international brands of ophthalmic lenses.


Hong Kong Optical Lens Philippines Laboratory Incorporated (HKOP) is one of the most leading laboratory companies in the Philippines that offers quality lenses from cheapest to high-end products. We have included in Attachment A the various brands of lenses we offer to our customers. With their ample of choices, we bet that Apollo Lens brand is the topmost pick. HKOP ensures to meet the expectation as well as the satisfaction of our customers by delivering the world-class lenses into their very own sight.

HKOP is a family-owned business run by So. Their success in an optical business did not end in Hong Kong, it expands its operation in China, Taiwan and in the Philippines. General Manager Wilson Cheng aggressively manages HKOP. By the help of our hardworking and dedicated employees, we deliver thousands of lenses every day to various optical shops. HKOP also provide a hundred free-of-charge eyeglasses to some medical mission like “Oplan Linaw”.

HKOP employs lower than 100 people, some of them are spending their ten years of life or more working here in our company. Being the pioneer of this company may be beneficial for each of them because they can handle their job very easy. Our company makes you feel at home due to the approachable Supervisors and friendly employees. HKOP first built their office in Mandaluyong, then moved to Pasig and currently operating its business in Quezon City. Apollo Revolution successfully launched their product held in Shang-rila last February 6, 2013. HKOP is an aggressive company that aims to employ individuals with passion to learn and grow with the company.


Achieve to be the employer of choice Conquer all hardships with dedication and determination Hone our employees to be the best in their field of expertise Innovate our products and improve our services continuously Enhance our system to better serve our clientele Visualize the growth of the company and also the industry Elevate the life of the people with better vision


HKOP passionately achieve its goal to give hope to every nope, to bring light to every sight, and to create a smile in every mile.